From the sea to the mountain the sun falls in love with a lot of movement

The clear skies from the sea to the mountain, both in the South and in the North, make this ‘Valentine’s’ Sunday a very busy day, both by the sea and in the mountains.

Although the air temperature is not as high as it is the feeling of those who are exposed to the sun – until 1 pm, 21.4ºC, in Quinta Grande, it was the highest maximum temperature today in the IPMA network in Madeira – there are those who enjoy it this enviable sunny Sunday for sunbathing.

Praia Formosa is one of the places where a few dozen take advantage of the beach, while others risk going to the baths. There are also those who take advantage of the surf to surf.

The Passeio Marítimo Público and the esplanades regain significant movement. The same happens in bathing spaces, namely in the ‘busy’ Lido, and in general, in the main public spaces along the island’s coastline.

The inviting weather also motivates great movement in the mountains of Madeira, especially in leisure or even tourist areas, as is the case with Ribeiro Frio, which today registers an unusual ‘flood’ in the current situation.

It is recalled that in view of the evolution of the epidemiological situation of Covid-19 disease, the regional authorities imposed restrictive measures in order to ensure the safeguarding of public health, and at the same time keep all the regional economic activity in operation, therefore , it is urgent to take care compliance with the measures in force, namely the ban on driving or walking on public roads throughout the Autonomous Region of Madeira, between 6pm and 5am all next week.

From Diário Notícias