Baby Daniel’s mother arrested

Remember baby Daniel, the 18 month old who went missing in January this year.

The Judicial Police today arrested the mother of little Daniel. Lydia Freitas was again called to the premises of PJ and will now await the judge’s decision. The arrest comes after months of investigation and a lengthy interrogation of more than seven hours on that subject was Friday afternoon and lasted until the early hours of today.

The fact of having been arrested may confirm the theory that was gaining ground among the PJ inspectors, in the sense that the child’s disappearance 18 months will be related to a “staging”, possibly for the sale of the boy, as already admitted PJ.


Daniel has now been handed over to his father and will stay with him in Prazeres.
His mother is in the prision in Cancela awaiting trial  after the involvement of the kidnapping of the child.

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