Festivals Festivals Festivals

Just a reminder of Festivals that are on at the moment, and some coming up.
São João is the 24th June, so the night before many places will have celebrations on beach fronts, with BBQs music and the traditional food of Tuna and sardines, corn on the cob, beans and potatoes.
I will be going to our local beach Reis Magos to enjoy the fun, with music drinks and food, and at midnight its traditional for a swim in the ocean.
2014-06-19 18.00.39
Santa Cruz also has its festival on this week, It started last night and the program of events is below.
São Pedro is the next big Festival which is the 28th -29th June, I will talk more on this in another post.
Dont forget there will be one more Firework show next week Saturday 28th June in the habour of Funchal.
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