More sad news

Again more sad news.
two German tourists in their 60s who arrived on the island Tuesday for a weeks holiday were reported missing on Wednesday from the hotel they were staying. They had told reception staff that they were going to do a tour to Monte in Funchal.
Sadly 2 bodies were found today on the levadas Curral dos Romeiros and Bom Sucesso in a small isolated village in Monte. The bodies were found only a few hours ago and firefighters are at the scene recovering the bodies.
Although these people have let reception know they were going to Monte they might not have said they were planning to do a levada.
It is so important that if you do levada walks on your own without a guide, that you tell someone which levadas you are going to do, and always make sure you have a phone with you. I know many tourists come to the island and being on holiday turn their phone off or leave it in the hotel or place where they are staying. Always keep it with you it could save your life.