New Logo and a property

Just want to do a quick post thanking my very good friend Sean McCormack for my logo for Madeira Island News. It looks great and will be sharing it everywhere. :-)))

Sean and his husband Julieng Pinong  have a lovely house in Calheta in Faja da Ovelha.
Casa da Ovelha is a 2 bedroom property with stunning views to the ocean, BBQ and Terraces, very peaceful. The property is for rental throughout the year, and you can check their WEBSITE
A few photos of the property are below. The property is fully Licensed and can also be found on the Licensed Property page on this blog.
casadaovelha 2014-11-11 16.46.43 10716279_10154805117295464_1263452625_n IMG_9853 10799561_10154805118795464_367482637_n IMG_1810 IMG_9856 IMG_9871
Sean has also just directed an animation “Ooops Noah is gone” and the official trailer is below. This will be heading your way in 2015, so please subscribe to the You Tube channel and share with your friends.
P,S when everyone is talking about this film, just remember you know the director for designing Madeira Island News Logo…  😉