A little snow on the summit of the highest peaks in Madeira. See video

Snowfall was confirmed on the summit of the highest peaks in Madeira, namely in Pico do Areeiro. As a result of the snow that ‘paints’ the top of the island, commercial establishments in Pico do Areeiro did not open this morning.

This Tuesday is already the coldest day of this winter in Madeira. The most extreme minimum temperature until 09:00 was -1.7 ºC and was felt in the late morning at Pico do Areeiro. Chão do Areeiro and Bica da Cana also registered temperatures very close to zero degrees, 0.1 ºC and 0.5 ºC, respectively.

In the last hour the temperature at Pico do Areeiro was -0.8 ºC.

The cooling felt throughout the Region also made ‘chills’ in downtown Funchal, with the temperature dropping to 11.8 ºC (Observatory) already at dawn. The highest low in the IPMA network of meteorological stations in the Region was found in Santa Cruz / Aeroporto, with 13.1 ºC.

As a result of the announced cold, several parishes in Madeira located in intermediate quotas registered temperatures below 10 degrees last night. Here are the minimum records in some of the population areas: Santana (8.7 ºC), Quinta Grande (8.4 ºC), Monte e Prazeres (7.3 ºC) and Santo da Serra (5.8 ºC).

Although not very significant, precipitation also occurred in almost the entire archipelago, except for Caniçal.

The wind also tends to slow down, after having already registered gusts of up to 87 km / h at Chão do Areeiro and 72 km / h at Madeira Airport.

Taken from Diário Notícias