Refurbished chapel opens tomorrow

The inauguration of the interior and exterior requalification of ‘Capelinha do Calhau’, the small religious temple that is already an icon of this northern municipality, is scheduled for Wednesday, the day of the municipality of São Vicente.

The work, under the responsibility of the City Council, was approved already in 2018, having cost 60 thousand euros. The works were awarded to a company in the municipality by direct agreement, and implied improvements both inside (floor and altar) and outside the chapel (walls and rockfill), using stone.

It should be noted that the inauguration is scheduled for 3 pm, as part of the celebrations of the patron saint, which begin today.

According to the ‘party program’, there will be a pinwheel of fireworks at 12 o’clock, accompanied by entertainment; at the end of the day, at 8:30 pm, there will be a mass, followed by animation by the ensemble ‘Os Lords’ and by DJ Jay Williams. Tomorrow there will be a mass presided by D. Nuno Brás, followed by a procession, starting at 4 pm. 

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