Have never heard of this app, and not sure how much use it will be in Madeira, does anyone use it, or will you use it?

“B.free” presents itself as a business opportunity aimed at traditional commerce.

“B. Free” is a pioneer company of Tax Free 100% Digital, positioned in several locations from north to south of the country and which now arrives in Madeira. This company has the collaboration of Professor João Pedro Barros, general manager in mainland Portugal and islands, with more than 10 years of experience in the taxfree circuit, and who sees digital as the future of commerce.

Online shopping is a reality of continuous growth. More and more tourists are choosing this option while travelling , placing orders for their hotel.

Managing the operation of “Tax Free” is one of the tasks of this project. The “b. Free” responds to difficulties such as long queues, either in stores or at customs, mandatory possession of passports at the time of purchase and the need to keep all receipts.

“B. Free” has a highly specialised team that allows to boost sales and increase the volume of transactions for a business. is the operator with the best reimbursement table on the market.

“b. free” – Tax Back! Shopping – What do we do?

  • We manage the Tax Free operation
  • We communicate directly with AT
  • We value your time, so we make the process easier
  • We implement communication actions and Strategic Digital Marketing
  • We develop commercial relationships with partners and tour operators
  • We send the forms directly to the tourist by email
  • We offer early repayment

It is important to note that the stores when joining this service are exempt from any financial responsibility.

Companies interested in requesting / joining this service should contact us directly:


910 226 962/211 608 580

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