Campaign gathers support to transfer body of Valdo Jardim

Some 3,320 pounds, about 3,870 euros, have already been raised from the 5,000 intended for the campaign launched at Gofundme to relocate the 30-year-old Valdo Jardim’s body, found dead in a London street, five minutes from his home. The victim returned home after a day of work, the body was found by his sister, with whom he lived.

Valdo Jardim was a worked at Nando’s. Co-worker Minty Zeyya, began a campaign to fund the body’s return to Madeira, where it is to be buried. In just 22 hours more than 66% of the value was achieved.

“This is really an extraordinary contribution so far,” said Zeyya. 92 people have already participated in the campaign, mostly between 10 and 50 pounds, but also some contributing 100.

People interested in contributing to this cause can access the public campaign at and search and click on the ‘Valdo’s last journey home’ campaign.

Meanwhile, the police investigation into the case continues, and the possibility of crime is not ruled out.