Dry weather soon in Santa Cruz ready for the flood for ‘Santo Amaro’ procession

At the beginning of the night the city of Santa Cruz lives one of the highlights of the Festivities of Santo Amaro with the realisation of the emblematic and very busy procession between the orago’s evocative chapel – which is the patron saint of the parish – and the mother church, planned to be held at 20 o’clock.

With no forecast of rain and with 18 degrees of air temperature, everything is combined to a flood in the central arteries of the city, where every year, on January 15, is celebrated the Santo Amaro. The religious celebration celebrated in the city, in honour of the saint with the most devotion for the people of Santa Cruz, began last Friday, ending tomorrow night tomorrow the six days of much celebration, with the traditional sweeping of cupboards by the Group of Romarias Antigas do Rochão.

Several artists, food and drink stalls and a lot of entertainment make Santo Amaro the first big festival of the year in Madeira Island. Today is no exception. In the evening, after the religious ceremonies, the party will focus again on the square next to the municipal market, where the Grupo Folclórico da Casa do Povo de Santa Cruz will perform (10.30 pm) and half an hour later the band Spot The Difference, animation extending until dawn, tonight with DJ’s Petter and Américo Nunez.

Taken from DN

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