CDU / Madeira will organise, starting this week, a cycle of conferences / public debate on “how much remains to be done ten years after the catastrophe caused by the flood of February 20, 2010”.

The first conference / debate will take place next Friday, the 24th, at 6 pm, in the auditorium of the University of Madeira, in the Colégio dos Jesuítas Building, in Funchal, and will be given by João Baptista, university professor and researcher in the areas of geology and geological risk zones, with the theme “10 years after the February 20 flood: learning from the past, understanding the present and preparing the future”.

According to a note sent by the press office, the CDU intends with this initiative “to launch a proposal for reflection on civic responsibilities and political responsibilities in the mobilisation of means for a necessary civil protection strategy and on the urgency of a turning point in planning policies. and use of the territory on these islands to which we belong “.

After this initiative, scheduled for next Friday, other intervention proposals will follow on “the much that remains to be done, when it is known that the government officials said that all reconstruction should be carried out in Madeira in an exemplary manner within a maximum period of two years and ten years have passed since the tragic flood of February 20, 2010 “, and still there is much to be done.

From JM

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