Christmas lights did not light up last night leaving Funchal without sightseeing

The Diario Noticias report this story below. I

I do not normally stick up for the tourism board, but on this occasion the Diario have got this wrong, as the program was only to the 5th, and lights have always been switched off on a Sunday night


The Christmas lights that adorn the downtown of Funchal did not light on Monday night, as planned in the official program of festivities, defrauding the expectations of many Madeirans, especially those who left for the last day the night bus ride at the ‘Funchal a Brilhar’ special circuit.

According to the official poster of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve program, under the responsibility of the Regional Government, through the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture, the lightings that began on December 1st should continue until today. , January 6, 2020, the last day also scheduled for the night bus tours, promoted by the company ‘Horários do Funchal’ and which were publicly disclosed.

However, for reasons unknown, the Christmas lights did not light on Monday night, to the dismay of dozens of people waiting at the bus stops in Funchal. They soon realised that in addition to having no bus for the night itinerary, the promised ‘Funchal to Shine’ would also be done in a dark city.

This is the program below, and its clear lights are on until the 5th.

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