‘Funchalense 5’ held in Lisbon with 400 containers should only arrive in the Region on Thursday

Strike of workers in the port of Lisbon and plenary delay the arrival of 400 containers in the Region by at least three days.

Workers in the port of Lisbon abandoned their job at lunchtime, causing the cargo ship ‘Funchalense 5’ to be held in that same port. The freighter was being loaded and was due to arrive in the Region on Monday, carrying around 400 containers, mostly with perishable products for large commercial areas.

According to the DIÁRIO, some workers came to the service, but around 12 o’clock they left work, due to pressure exerted by union members.

A plenary session of port operators is scheduled for Monday, which may mean the delivery of a strike notice. If confirmed, at best, the ‘Funchalense 5’ should only be loaded on Tuesday, arriving in the Region on Thursday.

If the strike in the port of Lisbon is confirmed, complicated days are expected in the supply of products by sea to Madeira.

Taken from DN

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