Madeira has the “necessary and sufficient” measures

“I think that at the moment the measures that are in force here in Madeira are the necessary and the sufficient”. The answer is from the President of the Regional Government, outside the visit made in the early afternoon to the parish of Monte.

Miguel Albuquerque confirmed the news already released yesterday by DIÁRIO online, which stated that the measures yesterday enacted by the Government of the Republic, namely the strong restrictions on air movement with the outside “do not cover the territory of Madeira”.

Still on the measures adopted in the Region, Albuquerque considers that the situation on the islands does not oblige to harden the restriction measures. He only asked for “the good behavior of last weekend” to be maintained. In addition, he made another appeal in this regard, “especially at the level of bars”, noting that “people behaved very well, everyone consumed seated”, that is, now, “the rules are being followed”.

He also expects that the month of February will be the beginning of the decrease in the number of positive cases in Madeira.

“We will wait to see if, starting this week, we can reduce the number of infected people here in the Region. I think we will make it, ”he said.

From Jornal Madeira

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