Since the start of the vaccination campaign 2019/2020, so far 38,207 influenza vaccines have been administered, or 79 per cent. Of these, 30,127 had the places of administration in the health and hospitalization centers.

At the Funchal Prison, 217 prisoners received the vaccine, while at the fire brigades, 116 firefighters were vaccinated. In private charities, 1,841 vaccines were administered, 1,109 in the Occupational Health Service, 608 in the community pharmacy and 405 in the residential establishment for the elderly. At the hospital, the vaccine received 267 people. Also about two hundred were administered at day care centers.

By gender, over 61 per cent of the vaccinated population is female. These figures appear in the weekly update of IASAÚDE (Institute of Health Administration) and refer  to week 2 of this year.

Touch wood I have not had any cold or flu, and I know its been going around a lot, but can’t say I know many people who have had it.

Taken from JM

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