Rally Madeira Legend ‘Talks’ carried out tomorrow

As part of the Rally Madeira Legend program, this race will be on the road on Friday and Saturday, and the Legend Talks will take place tomorrow, October 28th,

This event will be staged at Village Legend, located at Praça CR7, and starts at 19:00 hours. On the occasion there will be a conversation about rallies and competition cars to which drivers, navigators and journalists are invited.

As mentioned, at Praça CR7 will be headquartered the Village Legend, infrastructure created around the event organized by Club Sports da Madeira where will function places to support the competitors, the closed parks, reception places and also the starting and arrival point of the competitors. phases. On Sá Carniro Avenue, the Show Event will also take place on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, on Avenida Arriaga, in front of the Club Sports da Madeira headquarters, the starting area is already set up, where the symbolic start for this automobile race will be given, following what was done in the past with the Volta à Ilha da Madeira in Automobile and, later, in the Madeira Wine Rally version.

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