Group B ‘Monsters’ in Madeira

The Madeira Legend Rally, which starts in two days, will take some of the sport’s mythical models to the road. Among these, some of those that most marked the fans and enthusiasts were those in group B, removed from the competition at the end of 1986 due to their great power, which at the time was hardly suitable for road competitions.

In group B there were several brands and models, but among these there were some that left their mark on a passionate audience. This elite group includes cars like the Audi Quattro S1 E2 or the Lancia Delta S4, vehicles that will be on Madeira’s roads at the end of this week.

As the latest evolutions within the group B homologation limits, both these models feature mid-engined engines, rear in the case of the Lancia, front in the Audi, all-wheel drive and a weight very close to the regulatory minimum of 960 kg. The Delta S4 has the particularity of having a double supercharging system in its 4-cylinder engine and just under 1,800 cc, while the German car has a five-cylinder in-line engine with about 2,200 cc.

From Diário Notícias

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