Great demand for first doses of the vaccine at the Technopole

Today began with a great turnout to the Funchal Vaccination Center, at Madeira Tecnopolo. A large percentage of people who present themselves to receive the vaccine against covid-19, admit to doing so after the announcement of more restrictive measures for the unvaccinated, made yesterday by Miguel Albuquerque.

In the Diário Notícias, the nurse Ana Gouveia confirmed this, giving the example that in the first 15 minutes after the opening of the space, 30 people came to be administered the first dose of the vaccine.

The person in charge of the Vaccination Center says she has already reinforced the teams, but warns of the possibility of some delay, taking into account that “the house is full”.

“Of course, what we want on a daily basis is a faster service, with less waiting time than expected today, but also given the circumstances of certainty that our population will understand and in good time we see that Madeirans listened to the appeal that was made”, emphasizes Ana Gouveia.

The nurse points out that during the week there was already a notorious demand for the first dose, especially by people who were undecided, something that was even more notorious yesterday, she believes due to the forecast of more restrictive measures for the unvaccinated.

This was the case of José Figueira and António Gonçalves, two Madeirans in their 50s who were reluctant to receive the vaccine, but who now, faced with new demands, decided to be vaccinated against covid-19.

In the Diário Notícias report, the two also pointed out professional reasons for taking the decision, as the first is linked to restoration and the second to work in a public service.

From Diário Notícias


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