Pharmacies in Madeira register huge queues to carry out tests for covidence

Pharmacies in the center of Funchal are registering a huge influx of people seeking to carry out rapid antigen tests, which, according to the resolution of the Regional Government, are now mandatory for access to certain events from tomorrow, 20 November.

Queues, unusual under normal circumstances, are all related to this situation of citizens seeking to have a negative test in their hands. Incidentally, the mobile rapid test stations are also witnessing an unusual turnout.

According to what was said yesterday and should be published in the Official Journal of the Region – in other words, it is not official yet – “massive testing of the population with a rapid antigen test, with weekly periodicity” will take effect in the coming weeks, when what was once every 15 days now becomes every 7 days.

From Diário Notícias


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