Fuel prices drop 10 cents

Fuel prices dropped in the Region, despite an increase in the average European fuel price. As of next Monday, in Madeira and Porto Santo, simple diesel will cost 1,719 euros and unleaded gasoline with 95 octane will cost 1,784 euros per litre.

After all, we can see that simple diesel, which represents more than 70% of fuel sold in the Region, will drop by almost 10 cents and the price of 95-octane gasoline will also drop by 10 cents.

With regard to colored diesel, used essentially for the fishing sector, next week it will cost 1.344 per litre, that is, five cents more compared to the values ​​of the current week.

This drop in the price of simple diesel and 95-octane unleaded gasoline is already one of the direct consequences of the decrease in the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP) in the Region, which was adjusted, in view of the changes that were introduced at national level, such as it had been announced by the regional secretary for the Economy, Rui Barreto.

From Jornal Madeira