Press conferences of the Presidency of the Regional Government will take place via Skype

The Regional Government reveals that press conferences from the Presidency will take place exclusively via Skype.

“All contacts that need to be made through the Social Communication will be made through this method or else via telephone communication”, he explains through a press release.

To that end, it asks the media to create a Skype account, requesting that the name of the account be communicated.

“The Presidency of the Regional Government will shortly indicate the name of the respective Skype account, which the media must request access to before the start of the press conferences”, he says.

It also requests the use of headsets during press conferences to avoid noise / feedback in the communication.

“In the case of televisions, in order to emit a live signal, the Terdadek equipment, with battery, can be delivered to the Quinta Vigia Ordinance. We inform you more that they will be properly prepared / assembled ”, he says.

Regarding the question and answer period, he says that after the initial declaration / communication, the order for the presentation of questions will be defined and communicated to the media daily. This order will be changed conference after conference, looking for fairness.