Georgina dedicates message to Cristiano Ronaldo on Father’s Day

Today Georgina Rodriguez posted a message on her Instagram account, praising Cristiano Ronaldo on Father’s Day, which is being celebrated today.

The companion of the Madeiran star shared a family photo with Cristianinho, Alana Martina, Eva, Mateo and Cristiano Ronaldo, praising his strength and courage.

“By your strength and courage, you will always be our HERO. By protecting us at night and during the day, you are our guardian angel. For moments of joy, you will be our SPECIAL FRIEND.

For this great love you give us, for your example and support, you will always be for us the most important and the best of men. We love you daddy ”, wrote Georgina, praising the role of Cristiano Ronaldo as a companion, but above all, as a father.

From Diário Notícias

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