The Regional Economic Activities Authority (ARAE) has issued a statement with several warnings about the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Here is the full transcript of the statement:

“The Regional Authority for Economic Activities (ARAE), following numerous requests for information about home visits and screening, hereby appeals to the population of the Autonomous Region of Madeira to remain in their homes and, consequently, do not go there. any requests that do not come directly from the official health and safety authorities in the Region.

ARAE understands that this is not the time to open the door of your homes to strangers, since it could potentially be a source of contamination, just as it is not the time to leave the house to carry out any type of screening that is not ordered and accompanied by the official RAM entities.

ARAE strongly urges extra care for families with elderly people who live alone and who, within their means and the level of authorized travel, are constantly watching over them.

ARAE remains on the ground to ensure the safety of the population in the Region and to collaborate on possible containment procedures for COVID-19.

We therefore call for the collaboration of all, from the economic operators in activity to the population in general, for the full compliance with the measures in force, in order to help contain this pandemic in the Region “.

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