TAP and easyJet flights to and from Madeira scheduled for today to be cancelled

Four flights that counted on today’s reduced schedule on the ANA Aeroportos page relating to the ‘official’ movement planned for Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, were canceled (until 3 pm). Cancellation affects one arrival and three departures. Arrival as canceled is TAP’s last flight, scheduled for late afternoon, from Lisbon. Officially canceled are also three matches. One related to the return of the flight in question, which now also includes departures from Madeira on two easyJet flights. The mid-afternoon flight scheduled for London and in the late afternoon for Lisbon.

It should be recalled that easyJet announced this Wednesday the rescheduling of flights to and from Madeira, giving an account of a plan for positioning flights for the repatriation of tourists, according to information transmitted by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture.

For today, six movements were announced, one for arrival (Lisbon) and five for departure (London / Gatwick 2, Bristol, Berlin and Lisbon).

Not sure why the Gatwick flight was cancelled??? The ones from Mainland I can understand, as lack of passengers they can put them all on a later flight.

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