Civil Protection issues recommendations due to bad weather forecast for Madeira

The Regional Civil Protection Service issued a series of recommendations, since bad weather is forecast for Madeira and Porto Santo this Wednesday. In fact, given the forecasts of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere, an orange warning was issued for heavy rain .

The recommendations are as follows:

– Adopt defensive driving, reducing speed and taking special care with the possible formation of water tables;

– Guarantee the clearance of rainwater drainage systems and the removal of aggregates and other objects that can be dragged or create obstacles to the free flow of water;

– The risks that, with these conditions, the auto and pedestrian paths represent, especially in mountainous areas, exposed slopes and coastal areas, therefore advising special care in activities during the period in which the warning is in force

– Take special care when circulating and staying near wooded areas, paying attention to the possibility of falling branches or trees and other debris to the road;

– Damage to mounted or suspended infrastructure;

– Be attentive to weather information and indications from Civil Protection and Security Forces

The forecast of heavy showers sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms motivates the orange warning (the second most serious on a scale of four) between 3 pm and 9 pm this Wednesday, valid for the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. Between noon and 3 pm on Wednesday and from 9 pm until Thursday morning, a yellow warning is in effect.

From Diário Notícias

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