Secretary of Tourism highlights “great fireworks show” in Madeira

I know fog and smoke was an issue for some people, and those in higher areas were unable to see anything as the fog came down. Some photos below of how the night went in Funchal.

“It was a great fireworks show” that Eduardo Jesus, regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, watched this New Year’s Eve in Funchal.

In the opinion of the official in charge of the media event, which is one of the biggest if not the biggest annual tourist attraction in the Region, “the night went well, the reactions we have had are all very positive, we have entered the year 2023 well and the fire it helped not only to consolidate 2022 but to look at this year with great hope”, he told DIÁRIO on this first day of the new year.

“It was a great fireworks show in the passage from 2022 to 2023, a show that took natural advantage of this amphitheater which is unique in the bay of Funchal and which makes here a combination that is unique in the whole world which is the fire launched at the levels where the posts are placed, but in an exemplary synchrony. I think this aspect was highly valued yesterday, it was achieved and reinforced, because the fire that went out went well, it all went out very well coordinated”, he praises.

Another aspect that Eduardo Jesus considers “also important, was the innovation that was brought” when remembering that “there were some pyrotechnic effects that were tried in Madeira last night and that worked very well”, he says.

“It is always a concern that we have in the specifications that support the public tender for this show to always place the need for some evolution and innovation, making the combination of these effects always bring something new to those who watch”, he justified.

From Diário Notícias

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