Porto Moniz enters the New Year with a tropical night

The north coast of the island of Madeira once again stood out on the mild New Year’s Eve, this time with emphasis on the tropical night recorded in Porto Moniz.

In this village in the extreme northwest of Madeira, from the last sunset of 2022 to the first sunrise of 2023, the minimum air temperature did not drop below 20ºC. It was the only location in the Region covered by the IPMA network of meteorological stations where this occurred. Throughout the night, the air temperature fluctuated between 20.8ºC and 21.6ºC, and at midnight the ‘mercury’ reached 21.2ºC, the highest temperature in the entire Region in the passage of year.

Temperature that, however, dropped already this morning (17.7ºC at 09:40) with the passage of the announced cold frontal surface.

In Funchal/Observatório (downtown), New Year’s Eve took place with the ‘official’ thermometer registering 20.1 ºC. At the same time, at the top of the city, Monte, the difference compared to the base was significant (15.8 ºC).

From Diário Notícias