Good weather attracts locals and visitors to sea and sunbath

The good weather this Easter Sunday contributes to the presence of a significant number of bathers on the beaches. In Funchal, São Tiago beach is an example of the colorful movement along the seaside that can be felt from mid-morning.

Carolina Jardim is a regular user, and even though it was the day to gather the family at the table for the traditional Easter lunch, she didn’t skip a bath.

Although she said that the sea water “is cold”, despite being around a mild 20 ºC, she did not fail to follow the ritual of going to the baths. Just out of the water, she confided that even when it’s cold, “it’s always worth ‘washing your soul'”, which is why she doesn’t dispense with going to the sea.

The resident of Santo António revealed that she doesn’t usually spend a lot of time on the beach, “I usually stay for a couple of hours”, so by lunchtime she’ll already be with her family. On the menu, there will be lamb/goat at the table, although I am not a fan of this delicacy. “There will be other alternatives,” she guarantees.

From Diário Notícias