I have had a search for this and cant find it, even Santa Cruz official page is not working

 Lets hope Santa Cruz wake up to the fact that Caniço e Baixo is the largest hotel tourism sector outside of Funchal. Santa Cruz only look after the city itself, and do not care abount Caniço de Baixo, Caniço, Garajau, they might do a few things here and there then its just left to go to rack and ruin, like Cristo Rei for a good example, until it got so bad and dangerous they had to do something about it, one of the most visited places outside of Funchal.  If anyone knows the link please let me know.

The Santa Cruz Municipality Tourism website was presented this afternoon and features information on local heritage, landmarks, cultural agenda and major events, restaurants and tourist developments.

Tomásia Castro, head of the CMSC’s Tourism Office, explains that this is a strategy of the culture and tourism councils for the dissemination of information of interest to locals and visitors. Opting for a site outside the municipality’s official platform is related to the search features that people choose to look for information like the one that is now available.

Tomásia Castro also said that the site is the result of two years of work, which involved the entire process of translation into English and German (under the responsibility of Leonilde Dias) and collection of various photographic records.

The production of the site was the sole responsibility of the municipality, which will also manage and update the platform, which is intended to be dynamic.

The site will also have links to sites such as ‘Madeira almost forgotten’ and RTP Play to view the 600 minutes on Santa Cruz.

At the inauguration, President Filipe Sousa stressed that this is another stage of the path begun in 2013, when it was decided to create a field for tourism.

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