Young Madeiran found dead in central London

Mysterious death is being investigated by the British authorities.

Valdo Jardim, a 30-year-old Madeiran from Calheta, was found dead just 5 minutes from home near central London in the United Kingdom.

According to the Diário, the young man had finished his work and never arrived home. His sister, with whom he lived, began to find the delay and not answering the calls strange. She decided to call his work and they reported that Valdo had already completed his workday for some time and was no longer on site.

The sister of the young Madeiran decided to go looking for the young man, coming to find him about 5 minutes from home, prostrate on the ground, inanimate and with a skull fracture, not knowing what happened.

The Diário has so far failed to ascertain the circumstances that led to the young man’s death. The case is under investigation by the British authorities. The news of this case is leaving the Madeiran community in the UK deeply dismayed.