CDS requires Lisbon to fulfill minimum services in cargo to Madeira

The leader of the parliamentary group of the CDS-PP, Lopes da Fonseca, urged, this afternoon, the Government of the Republic to intercede with the national unions “in order to fulfill the minimum services for Madeira” in the dockers’ strike, “in order to minimize the effects that are already felt in supermarkets with the lack of essential products for the population ”.

Through a statement, the party spokesman said that “the strike at ports in the continent is causing enormous damage to the regional economy, and it is certain that the minimum services, constitutionally provided for in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, are not being met”. He adds that “ships are arriving late that do not even come with full cargo”. Because of this, “there is already a lack of essential goods in supermarkets in Madeira and Porto Santo, namely fresh, dairy, canned goods, among others”. A situation that makes the CDS-PP uneasy, as there are threats of further stoppages and there is no guarantee that minimum services will be fulfilled.

Taken from Diário Notícias