Count on blue skies throughout the Madeira Archipelago today

Today, during the day, you can choose to wear shorts, t-shirt and even flipflops, because this Saturday promises to be full of sunshine and with very mild air temperatures.

Throughout the Archipelago of Madeira the day woke up practically without clouds. And the forecast is exactly this: sky in general little cloudy and light to moderate wind (10 to 30 km / h) from the south quadrant. In Funchal, where the maximum temperature should reach at least 23 degrees Celsius, the wind will be weak (less than 15 km / h).

Whoever intends to enjoy the day by the sea should know that on the south coast, the west / southwest routes will be less than 1 meter. On the North coast, a little more swell is expected, with waves from the northwest of 1 to 1.5 meters being expected. By the way, if the intention is to really enjoy the good weather on land and at sea for a bath, know that the temperature of the sea water in the Region is between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. 

The weather looks set to stay like this for the next couple of days with the warm air coming from Africa.

Taken from Diário Notícias