PCP calls for the immediate application of the New Mobility Subsidy Regime

The PCP carried out today, on the 1st of February, in the center of Funchal, an action of contact with the population to present a set of proposed amendments, of its authorship, to the State Budget for 2020, among which the immediate application of the New Mobility Allowance Scheme.

“It is of the most elementary justice that in 2020 the provisions of Law No. 105/2019 are applied, which amended Decree-Law No. 134/2015, which corresponded to the implementation of an important commitment by the Republic to ensure that in the the act of purchasing travel between the Autonomous Region of Madeira and the mainland, citizens residing in the Region start to pay the maximum of 86 euros and 65 euros being students ”, said the initiative’s spokesman, Ricardo Lume.

The leader of the PCP recalled that the “Government of the Republic together with the Regional Government intend to push for the application of the referred law for 2021” and, in this sense, proposes “the immediate alteration to the Mobility Subsidy, in which the Government of the Republic guarantees already in 2020, the necessary financial means corresponding to the application of the terms of Law No. 105/2019, which regulates the allocation of a social mobility subsidy to beneficiary citizens, within the scope of air and maritime services between the continent and the Autonomous Region of Madeira ”.

“Now we will see who in the Assembly of the Republic truly defends a change to the Mobility Subsidy already in 2020”, he concluded.

Above taken from Diário Notícias.

This should be in place with the upmost urgency, this government do nothing but sit of the arses and get nothing done. I know people who request help from Government members, and they can’t even be bothered to reply to emails, which is their god damn duty to do, a waste of space is an understatement.

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