Find out where the PSP radars will go in Madeira in February

The Public Security Police are back on the road this February to check the speed at which drivers are driving on roads across the country. Also in Madeira, several actions are planned using radars.


04-Feb-20 08H00 VE1

11-Feb-20 14H00 VE5 – Camacha

12-feb-20 08H00 Estrada Monumental and Av. Mário Soares

17-Feb-20 13H00 VR1 Km 6.0 – Quinta Grande and Km 9.4 – C. Lobos

18-feb-20 14H00 Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas and Travessa do Valado w / VR1

24-Feb-20 2:00 PM Av. Do Infante and Rua Dr. Pestana Júnior

27-Feb-20 2:00 PM Av. Mário Soares and Rua 5 de Outubro

28-Feb-20 07H00 ER 227 (Tabua) and ER 104 Rocha Alta – Ribeira Brava

Taken from DN