Grub up Tuesday

Time for a good Poncha

Venda do Andre, this place is about 75 years old, and is one of the original stores that could be seen all around the island many years ago.

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A store that would have sold many everyday products, but now is a popular Poncha stop.

Also known too many as the Donkey Bar, as it has a large plastic donkey outside, this is a great and must-do stop for a Poncha. The place still has many of the old features inside, including Shop Scales, TV, Coffee Machines and Furniture, along with shop items which are now on display, and old receipts.

Tangerine Poncha is the best here and well worth trying, and they do s few other flavours including Regional and Pescador.

Below is the address, and they open from 9am till midnight, I think they close Mondays.

AddressEstr. João Gonçalves Zarco, Quinta Grande.

I was there the other day, so check out my photo gallery below. Stunning views across the road make this a great all-round stop, just be aware it can get busy in the evening, especially weekends, and parking it’s not great, but during the day you can normally pull up outside, just don’t run the donkey down…..

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