Wind and temperature rise forecast for Saturday of Carnival in Madeira

The allegorical parade of Carnival will take to the streets on a pleasant night and it seems that the revelers will have to parade under the blessing of São Pedro. The special forecast for the Carnival period in the Madeira archipelago points to days without rain, with some wind and with a rise in temperature.

The meteorological information communicated a few moments ago by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), is valid between today and the 26th of February, next Wednesday. Thus, starting next Friday, the weather in Madeira will be conditioned by a depression in altitude centered on the archipelago, and this depression should move to the Southwest on Saturday, the 22nd, passing the anticyclone located in the Bay of Biscay also influencing the weather in the archipelago.

“At this moment, it is predicted that the referred depression will remain in the southwest of the archipelago, being a source of some uncertainty for the forecast of the following days”, points out the IPMA.

The forecasts for Friday suggest that it will be a day with periods of cloudy skies and showers. The wind is expected to blow weak to moderate from the east quadrant, blowing moderate to strong in the highlands.

However, as of Saturday, the day when the allegorical procession of Carnival takes to the streets of Funchal, “the cloudiness is expected to decrease, with low probability of precipitation, an intensification of the wind and a rise in temperature”.

In the Funchal region, the maximum temperature should register values ​​between 21 and 23 ° C, while the minimum temperature should register values ​​between 13 and 17 ° C.

On Friday, the waves should be from the north quadrant with 2 to 3 meters, gradually passing over the period to waves from the east quadrant and decreasing to 1 to 2 meters.

The IPMA advises to follow the updates on the weather forecast in the coming days.

Note that the Carnival Parade starts at 8pm, I think this time was changed last year from the usual 9pm start, and anyone who wants tickets for one of the sests, can buy these in that wonderful tourism office, for I believe 20 euros.

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