Madeira without suspected cases of Coronavirus until 4 pm today

The statement is official. As of 4 pm today, no suspected case of people infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Madeira has been recorded.

To DIÁRIO, the president of IASAÚDE guaranteed that, so far, there have only been contacts from people returning from Italy, through the SER24 Madeira line (800 24 24 20) and that advice was provided by the health authorities.

Since the end of Tuesday, when the regional health authorities met to redefine ‘suspected case’ and to improve the procedures to be adopted when patients are identified in Madeira, information has been growing, transmitted informally, about the existence of a case at Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça. Something that, as stated, is denied by the regional health authority.

At this time, the definition of suspected cases has been extended to people who, in addition to meeting the clinical criteria, have been or have contacted anyone who has been in China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Iran and Northern Italy.

From DN

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