Hamburgaria offers meal to Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters

At this time of pandemic, firefighters are also at the forefront, dealing with the disease daily.

And because they have often not been properly recognized, those responsible for Hamburgaria das Madalenas, located on Avenida da Madalena, in Funchal, decided to offer them a meal, last Thursday, a lunch accompanied by a regional branded soft drink. in order to “encourage the consumption of what is ours”.

The gesture was shared on the Facebook page of the hamburger with the following message: “We are not in the habit of publicising when we do some social action, but this time we think that once again the firefighters are being forgotten, but not by us! We are on your side because you are always on our side too!

A big thanks to the Firefighters as well as to all the forces involved in the well-being of our population. We will all be fine, but for now #fiqueemcasa! ”.