“You have to know how to live in a time of pandemic”, says Pedro Calado

Pedro Calado praised the organization of what is better known as the São Silvestre Race, which started at 8 pm. An organization that “has done very well in making individualized starting boxes, to try to separate the groups.”

The mayor, who is among the runners in this competition, also highlighted the exemplary behavior of the athletes, who were “very careful” before the match, when their masks were removed. “Within some normality, we try to preserve some protection measures”, he said. To participate in the test, it was necessary to present a vaccination certificate and a negative test.

The winners of the 62nd edition of the Volta à Cidade do Funchal, better known as São Silvestre are Rui Pinto and Joana Soares.

The race took place this year under special circumstances, with some limitations imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, after last year was canceled for the same reason.

From Diário Notícias