Infected employee leads to closure of supermarket in Ribeira Brava

The regional secretary of Health, Pedro Ramos, confirmed, at a press conference to update Covid-19 in Madeira, that a supermarket located in the municipality of Ribeira Brava was closed, this Saturday, at 15:30, taking into account that an official accused positive for Covid-19.

DIÁRIO knows that after 3 pm, customers were no longer allowed to enter the commercial area and, at the door, an employee explained that they were going to close for two to three days to disinfect the place. The car park was immediately marked with a sign, which generated buzz among customers who wanted to do their shopping.

It is known that the official in question was in contact with the first confirmed cases in the municipality of Ponta do Sol and that people with connections close to them are being contacted.

This could potentially be a big problem for Madeira if more people have been infected from this individual.

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