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A 28-year-old boy has been missing since last Monday in Câmara de Lobos.

Patrício Melim, a resident of Ribeiro Real, left home to go to work and was never seen again.

The family, who is “desperate”, asks anyone who finds him to contact the Public Security Police because “he does not answer his cell phone or is at the home of any friend or family member”.

As reported to the Diario, the boy left home with his work clothes and lunch bag. He left the documents at home, but took change for coffee and his cell phone.

The family says they have already been in contact with co-workers, who assured him that he did not show up at work. They also said that they have already carried out searches in the neighborhood, but that “there is no sign of him anywhere”.

“We are desperate, my mother is based on tranquilizers and we no longer know what to do to find him”, admitted the sister, guaranteeing that “Patrício is a shy boy, a good person and he never gets into trouble” .