Albuquerque will ask António Costa to close the airports

The Regional Government has a press conference scheduled for the end of the afternoon and Diário Notícias has found out that the new measure to contain the Covid-19 pandemic will be the request to close the airports in the Region.

Miguel Albuquerque is going to ask the Prime Minister to decree the closure of airports, being limited to emergency trips, supplies, transportation of patients and essential trips.

Yesterday, the Regional Government decreed mandatory quarantine for all passengers arriving in the Region after, the day before, having decided to prohibit flights from countries with active contamination.

These measures were called into question by the general director of Health, but Miguel Albuquerque says that they are to be complied with.

Madeira, guarantees the Regional Government, still has no positive cases of infection with the new coronavirus, but on the continent the number of cases increases every day. Today, the Azores recorded the first positive case on Terceira Island.

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