All bus companies to run Saturday hours during the week

The Regional Directorate of Economy and Land Transport (DRETT) today communicated to all operators of public road passenger transport operating in the region (Horários do Funchal, Companhia dos Carros de São Gonçalo, Automobile Company of Caniço, SAM and Rodoeste ), the obligation to adopt Saturday hours on working days, as well as reducing the capacity to one third of the capacity of buses, with immediate effect from tomorrow, March 20.

It should be noted that the issue of capacity was decided by the Government Council and materialized in Resolution No. 121/2020 of 19 March.

This is a necessary adjustment, resulting from the new contingency measures, in view of the declaration of a State of Emergency.

The reduction in hours of operation will allow a reservation of drivers for future needs, guaranteeing the continuity of the provision of public passenger transport services in the Region.

DRETT alerts all passengers to less regular transport and advises to consult timetables online or at the respective stops.

In case of doubt, passengers should contact public transport companies via email or telephone.

From Jornal Madeira

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