This is pretty lengthy so just a straight translation from Jornal Madeira

Regional Government Resolution No. 121/2020 was published in JORAM, containing all the obligations required of all people who are currently in the Region.

Here are some of the essential measures:

1) Determine the confinement of all people to their home.

2) Circulation and permanence on public roads is only allowed in the following situations:

• For the performance of professional activities that require travel between home and the workplace (when teleworking is not possible);

• To obtain health care;

• For the purchase of food, medicines and essential products;

• To purchase agricultural, horticultural and forestry products;

• To carry out agricultural activities, namely irrigation and other activities, which require them to be carried out during this period;

• To purchase animal food products or to feed animals, including pets;

• To provide assistance to third parties who need it;

• The urgent need to travel to financial institutions and insurance companies, as well as to post offices;

• For short outings, close to home, related to the practice of individual physical activity of people and in practiced individually, and / or to satisfy the needs of pets;

• To fill the vehicles.

3) The trips and stays on the public road indicated above are only allowed as long as such persons are unaccompanied, unless, being in work, the execution of the respective work requires the presence of two or more people, but, in this case, always with respect to the time strictly necessary to carry out the work.

4) Private vehicles can only travel on public roads to carry out the activities mentioned above.

5) All commercial activities involving the physical presence of people within the spaces intended for such activities are closed;

6) All restaurants and bars are closed, except for take-away or home delivery.

7) Closure of all cultural institutions, libraries, places of leisure activities, namely cinemas, theaters, amusement parks, gyms, associations, clubs, namely sports, gyms, bars and discotheques.

8) Prohibition of all worship practices, namely religious in temples intended for the purpose and in any public places (ex: masses, etc.)

9) Reduction of public transport capacity to one third (1/3) of the current capacity.

10) Determine, if necessary, compulsory confinement, for a period of 14 days, of all persons and their luggage arriving at Madeira and Porto Santo airports.

As long as they ensure all conditions of preventive safety from contagion, the following establishments are kept open:

• Pharmacies;

• Optics;

• Markets, supermarkets and hypermarkets whose trade includes products and foodstuffs;

• Establishments that sell hygiene products and sanitary material;

• Establishments that mainly sell animal feed;

• And the means of distribution and supply of such establishments;

• Telecommunications establishments and services;

• Fuel filling stations;

• Collective passenger transport activities;

• The distribution and specialized trade of medical-sanitary material;

• Newspaper and magazine stores;

• Funeral services;

• Car towing services;

• Banking and insurance agencies and establishments, serving the public (at least one branch of each installed banking institution, with restricted access);

• The stations and post offices, as well as the respective distribution;

• Laundries and other establishments for washing clothes, clothes, namely beds, towels and the like;

The activities that are essential for the maintenance of the vital interests of the population are kept in regular operation, namely:

• regional and municipal public services essential to the functioning of public functions;

• Health-related activities, public and private, namely hospital and clinical analysis;

• Activities related to supporting the elderly and other vulnerable groups;

• Electricity and petroleum products distribution activities;

• Water production and distribution services;

• Waste water treatment services and waste collection and treatment services;

• Police and security services;

• Services essential to the functioning of the banking and insurance sector.

• journalistic, press, radio and television activities.

The violation of these obligations causes the perpetrators to commit a crime of disobedience.

This diploma, submitted to the approval of the Representative of the Republic in RAM, comes into effect immediately, taking effect at 00:00 hours on March 20, 2020.

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