Theft ends in police chase

Three individuals were arrested by the Public Security Police after having robbed a home earlier today. The theft occurred around 1 am on Rua da Casa Branca, in Funchal, and culminated hours later in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, after a police chase.

According to the DIÁRIO found out, the night watchman who patrols that area spotted a suspicious car, a Mercedes, in Santo Amaro, where he was following an individual referred for the practice of theft crimes. At that time he gave the alert to the PSP who went to the site and tried to locate him.

Meanwhile, the night watchman and the police noticed a broken-down garage on Rua da Casa Branca, from which they had stolen bottles of alcoholic beverages, tools and even a car, branded ‘Mercedes’.

Sometime later, the night watchman spotted the same car in Nazaré but, as the driver realized he was being followed, he left a passenger and sped off at high speed.

The nightwatchman managed to immobilize this suspect and alerted the Police that went after this Mercedes, carrying out a police chase until Covão, in Câmara de Lobos.

The individuals were detained and transported in a patrol car to the Public Security Police Station where defendants were constituted and notified to appear in court.

This is all petty crime and probably drug addicts behind it all, but let’s hope this does not get to worse with the current situation. My friend has his bike stolen this morning but quick action by the PSP, the bike was recovered.


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