IPMA raises warning to orange for precipitation in Madeira

The IPMA again updates the warnings for Madeira, having raised the ‘orange’ warning for precipitation in mountainous regions in view of the forecast of periods of rain or occasional heavy and persistent showers, to be in effect between 3 pm and 6 pm this Friday.

Otherwise, it keeps the yellow warnings for wind and precipitation on the island of Madeira.

Thus, between 9 and 15 hours the ‘alert’ for the wind will be in effect, which should blow from the South quadrant with gusts up to 80 km / h, on the South coast, and up to 110 km / h, in mountainous regions.

As for precipitation, the yellow warning for the entire island is now in effect between noon and 3 pm and from 6 pm to midnight, periods when there is forecast of rain or showers, sometimes heavy.

From DN

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