Man vandalised Diário Notícias store

A man in his 50s destroyed part of the contents of the DIÁRIO store on Rua Fernão Ornelas this morning, in a situation that occurred when the establishment was open to the public.

The aggressive attitude resulted in evident vandalism, as can be seen in several photos, the individual complaining of having been targeted in an article published by this newspaper and issuing several threats.

Given the premeditated violent act, a formal complaint will be filed by Empresa Diário de Notícias da Madeira. Although the PSP was called to intervene, it did not go to the scene, claiming that the fact that the man was no longer present dispensed with any diligence.

Pretty unbelievable the police don’t turn up, surely they should for an insurance claim or am I just being stupid?

Witnesses at the scene, who have already given indications regarding the author of the disorder, say that they heard him say in a loud and clear voice that “I did not want his photo in the Diário paper because it was not photogenic”.

Yesterday, the same individual made a verbal threat at Loja do DIÁRIO considering it to be abusive to be involved in a news item, with the content that motivated the anger being unknown.

From Diário Notícias

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