BA arrives empty, around 40 arrive from Lisbon

About four dozen passengers disembarked this morning at Madeira International Airport on a TAP flight from Lisbon.

The flight landed shortly before 11:30 am, and 20 minutes later the first passenger leave the Arrivals station directly for one of the two chartered buses to ensure the transport of passengers obliged to 14 days of social confinement at the Quinta do Lorde Resort hotel.

Today there is a reinforcement of the means of transport to guarantee the transfer to Caniçal – yesterday only one bus operated – and the reduction of the police contingent – today the Special Police Unit is not present.

British Airways also arrived but empty this time, taken passengers back to the UK.

Just some information about the quarantine at Quinta do Lorde, the people will spend 14 days inside a room. The hotel is only being used for this purpose. They will have food 3 times a day which is prepared at the hospital. Bedding and towels will ve left on a chair outside their room every 3 days. I’m not sure how they allow exercise in this situation, but I guess they are aloud out for some exercise.

If anyone is staying in quarantine in the resort, I would like to hear from you. You can email me at

Don’t forget my Quarantine Challenge on a few posts back, I’m waiting for your photos, I have had some great ones to share. 

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