Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to return to Italy and could miss Champions League game

The information is advanced by TVI and Rui Pedro Brás: Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to return to Italy and will miss the Champions League game against Lyon, scheduled for next Tuesday, which is of crucial importance for Juventus aim to reach the quarter-finals of the competition.

“Cristiano Ronaldo made this decision and has already communicated to those responsible for Juventus. He will not return until this situation is stabilized and he refuses in this way for what he sees as a mistake on the part of UEFA to keep the games going, ”said the commentator, adding that this decision was taken even before it was confirmed contagion by Covid-19 of the central defender and teammate of CR7, the Italian Daniele Rugani.

“Cristiano Ronaldo will not return to Italy, he will not return to Juventus, he will not play Tuesday against Lyon for the Champions League and he does not accept to agree with this situation that is being carried out by UEFA”.

Ronaldo returned to Madeira with all his family in the early hours of Monday morning after playing a match in Italy on the Sunday.

Now the news is out that his team mate Daniele Rugani has just tested positive for Codiv-19, should Ronaldo have self isolated when returning from Italy, the worst European country with the virus.

Photo below after Sundays game.