Discouraging tourists from coming is a priority

The measures to restrict the disembarkation of passengers to take effect as of tomorrow at the airports in Madeira have the main purpose of “deterring” the arrival of tourists to the Region in this phase of general alert.

Even predicting that this “measure to discourage tourists from coming” will have a “gigantic impact”, the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture wishes that in the near future tourists will refrain from traveling to Madeira and Porto Santo. This is the main reason for the desire to see the two airports closed to flights originating in six countries that increase the risk of contagion at this time. As the desire expressed this Friday by the Regional Government has not yet been authorized, this is the reason why it is mandatory to quarantine everyone who from now on will land in the Region, precisely to “limit the access of people to Madeira”, said Eduardo Jesus, on the sidelines of the meeting that this afternoon held, at the Secretariat of Tourism, with representatives of the various sectors of Tourism.

Tomorrow afternoon there is a new meeting scheduled with the working group, which may be extended.

From DN